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So go figure, I was talking with a friend today and I found out I have been miss using the term Modern Art. While art made recently is indeed modern in a sense Modern Art is used to define art created between roughly 1860 to 1970 and is defined by a removal of art tradition to make way for experimentation. Recent artistic productions are referred to as Contemporary Art.

Guess I need to brush up on my Art Speak.


Banksy tags have been spotted around New Orleans as a visual reminder of how things went three years ago. Maybe this time with around things will turn out differently.

Here’s to hope.

I seem to have created quite a little firestorm in my neck of the woods over my comments about Art-O-Mats and the art that can be purchased from them. It’s good to see there are a lot of people out there who believe so strongly in the vision of Art-O-Mat and some of you have persuaded me to take a second look at the art vending machines.

Perhaps I missed the point of the Art-O-Mat as one poster pointed out,

I see the Art-O-Mat as more than a way to present sample art, but more importantly as a project that encourages people of every type, age and walk of life to interact with, experience and participate in Art (with a capital A). The price-point of the art inside the machines makes purchasing art an affordable option for anyone and challenges the idea of art as elitist. Seeing the excitement and sense of fun that engaging with the Art-O-mat generates with some people proves that point.

Art is something everyone should experience, in fact that very ideal was a primary theme when I started this blog, and I seem to have gotten off track. Thank you to those of you who commented and showed me where I strayed.

I assure you that I will visit and Art-O-Mat and give an update in the near future about my full experience.

Sam Taylor-Wood’s A Little Death is apparently sweeping the END GAME show at the Musem of Fine Arts, Huston (MFAH). Before your eyes via time-lapse photography a rabbit writhes and wiggles with new life as it decomposes in under 5 minutes (a process that naturally took over nine weeks I’m told).

I’m normally not a big video art fan or time-lapse for that matter. I could careless about what a decomping rabbit looks like, but this piece is different. I like it. I think the most creepy/fasinating thing about the video is the detail, the piece of fruit that stays perfectly undisturbed or the blood that begins to stain the wall behind the rabbit, because it gives the video that extra touch that lets you know this isn’t simple time lapse session, it’s art. You can tell there is thought put into what is going on rather than simply recording a natural process at work.

If you are interested in seeing more of Sam Taylor-Wood’s work you should check out his work youtube.

Advertisements are one way communications, the product being pitched to the consumer, but what happens when you subvert the system? Enter The Bubble Project. These acts of counter culture (also known sometimes as subvertising) are illegal, but the artist who originally started the project is interested in what the public will put into these blank bubbles.

For those of you not familiar with The Bubble Project it is a reaction to the constant advertising bombardment that allows the public to engage and change advertisements. The instructions on the website are simple:

  1. Print the Bubbles on your printer.
  2. Cut them with knife or scissors.
  3. Apply glue. Wheat paste is a great adhesive: Easy and cheap.
  4. Have Fun!

From there the vandal is suppose to sit and wait for the public to respond by writing in their own comments into the empty spaces. You can checkout what people have written at the website.

I am a big fan of The Bubble Project, but I have to wonder how effective counter culture tactics are. I know that being submerged in ads is almost as natural to me as breathing or eating, so I have to wonder if these speech bubbles snap me out of some kind of stupor and make me pay attention to an ad rather than simply disregard it. To fill in a blank bubble effectively, I need to stop and consider the ad an action requires my attention to be placed on the ad rather than simply being blown off like I normally would.

Does that really fight the problem? My vote is no.

I’ve always found it interesting that in the art world there are actually two kinds of concept art. There is artistic concept art (or conceptual art) and there is production concept art.

Artistic concept art revolves around rethinking art and questioning the foundations that art is based upon. Pieces like Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain or Joseph Kosuth’s One and Three Chairs are fine examples of such work.

These works form inspire hundreds of thousands of artist to push the boundaries of art and are often highly important in the creation of artistic movements.

On the other side production concept art (which surprisingly has been around just as long) involves creating and brainstorming visual content for things such as animation, video games and even toys. The example I present is a level design concept from the video game Psychonauts.

Big deal you say, but on several occasions I have encountered confusion when talking to people about concept art due to the similarities these two arts have in common. For a while I had even considered being a concept artist but when I told someone this it could mean two entirely different things depending on their background. Really frustrating to tell you the truth.

I have always been interested in typography and how it can be used to display more than just words. This is a prime example of just that.

Since manifestos are such a part of the art world I thought it would be fitting to start out by placing one on this art blog I am about to embark upon.

When the idea for creating this blog cam about I decided I wanted to start something that would not only be informative, but understandable and something someone without an art degree could find interesting. I therefore state that I will try and use art lingo sparingly (or with definitions attached) and avoid being long winded. I also intend to keep my readers informed of the happenings with the Dallas art scene and up to date with upcoming events.

This will be a learning process and I apologize in advance for any mishaps that occur while I try and get use to doing this.

And so without further interruptions we begin…

This Week

Dec. 12 - Dec. 19, 2008
UT Dallas (Art Gallery)
Fall Arts Festival

Opening reception Dec. 12 @ 6:30 pm

Artillary Retrospective