Helena: The Goldfish Blender by Marco Evaristti

Shock Art is a form of art that utilizes disturbing images, smells or sound to create a “shocking” or unpleasant experience for the viewer. Currently, Shock Art is one of the most marketable art forms on the market today, although there are many critics who dismiss it as “cultural pollution”.

Shock Art also tends to be very controversial because of its use of corpses (be they human or animal), religious figures, or highly pornographic images. Often times this controversy comes from the public’s reaction to the works rather than from within the art community.

Some examples of Shock Art:

Merda d’Artis-ta (1961), a series of 40 tin cans allegedly filled with the excrement of artist Piero Manzoni

Myra, (1997) a portrait of murderer Myra Hindley constructed of children’s handprints, by Marcus Harvey

Orgies of Mystery Theatre, by Hermann Nitsch, a display of music and dance in the midst of “dismembered animal corpses”