This weekend I got to attend The Impressionists exhibit over at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. It felt like walking into a gallery show from the old board game Masterpiece. The Kimbell has it covered if Impressionism is your cup of tea.

Renoir and Monet have a strong presence in the exhibit, but I was most impressed with Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s work. His use of figures falling off the edges and hard outlines really add to the grit and grime of his paintings that capture the feel of Montmartre where he lived and worked. Toulouse-Lautrec’s painting really give the viewer the sense of being immersed in the night life of late 19th century Paris.

My only complaint of the The Impressionists is how it is setup. On the Saturday that I went the exhibit was teeming with bodies which caused traffics jam in the many areas around the more well known Impressionist masters.

My suggestion, if you want to enjoy this exhibit go during the week (maybe even during the half priced admission on Tuesdays and Friday evenings from 5-8 PM) to avoid the crowds so you can really get the full experience.