I seem to have created quite a little firestorm in my neck of the woods over my comments about Art-O-Mats and the art that can be purchased from them. It’s good to see there are a lot of people out there who believe so strongly in the vision of Art-O-Mat and some of you have persuaded me to take a second look at the art vending machines.

Perhaps I missed the point of the Art-O-Mat as one poster pointed out,

I see the Art-O-Mat as more than a way to present sample art, but more importantly as a project that encourages people of every type, age and walk of life to interact with, experience and participate in Art (with a capital A). The price-point of the art inside the machines makes purchasing art an affordable option for anyone and challenges the idea of art as elitist. Seeing the excitement and sense of fun that engaging with the Art-O-mat generates with some people proves that point.

Art is something everyone should experience, in fact that very ideal was a primary theme when I started this blog, and I seem to have gotten off track. Thank you to those of you who commented and showed me where I strayed.

I assure you that I will visit and Art-O-Mat and give an update in the near future about my full experience.