Sam Taylor-Wood’s A Little Death is apparently sweeping the END GAME show at the Musem of Fine Arts, Huston (MFAH). Before your eyes via time-lapse photography a rabbit writhes and wiggles with new life as it decomposes in under 5 minutes (a process that naturally took over nine weeks I’m told).

I’m normally not a big video art fan or time-lapse for that matter. I could careless about what a decomping rabbit looks like, but this piece is different. I like it. I think the most creepy/fasinating thing about the video is the detail, the piece of fruit that stays perfectly undisturbed or the blood that begins to stain the wall behind the rabbit, because it gives the video that extra touch that lets you know this isn’t simple time lapse session, it’s art. You can tell there is thought put into what is going on rather than simply recording a natural process at work.

If you are interested in seeing more of Sam Taylor-Wood’s work you should check out his work youtube.