Advertisements are one way communications, the product being pitched to the consumer, but what happens when you subvert the system? Enter The Bubble Project. These acts of counter culture (also known sometimes as subvertising) are illegal, but the artist who originally started the project is interested in what the public will put into these blank bubbles.

For those of you not familiar with The Bubble Project it is a reaction to the constant advertising bombardment that allows the public to engage and change advertisements. The instructions on the website are simple:

  1. Print the Bubbles on your printer.
  2. Cut them with knife or scissors.
  3. Apply glue. Wheat paste is a great adhesive: Easy and cheap.
  4. Have Fun!

From there the vandal is suppose to sit and wait for the public to respond by writing in their own comments into the empty spaces. You can checkout what people have written at the website.

I am a big fan of The Bubble Project, but I have to wonder how effective counter culture tactics are. I know that being submerged in ads is almost as natural to me as breathing or eating, so I have to wonder if these speech bubbles snap me out of some kind of stupor and make me pay attention to an ad rather than simply disregard it. To fill in a blank bubble effectively, I need to stop and consider the ad an action requires my attention to be placed on the ad rather than simply being blown off like I normally would.

Does that really fight the problem? My vote is no.