Michael Westfried put on a great show Wednesday for those of you that missed it. The art was good, music was great, overall just a fantastic closing event. The performances by Lockes, C-Swag and The Boogie Man were sick.

Michael’s paintings continue to impress me the more and more I see them. They lie somewhere between nightmares manifested on canvas and latex and crystallized vomit mounted on a wall. I keep asking myself how something that looks so repulsive can draw me in like Westfried’s work does and I can’t honestly give you an answer.

The process Michael uses to create his art is also highly unique. He first finds paintings that someone has discarded or that he has created himself and then changes them. He builds a barrier around the edge of the painting with anything he can get his hands on (sometimes even duck tape) and then pours on a few layers of latex house paint. Once these layers have dried Michael cuts, pries and rips the latex from the original painting.

One of Michael’s weakest pieces, unfortunately, was the video piece on display during the closing event. It starts out well, it just doesn’t finish strong. Maybe it just got hyped to me a bit too much.

More of Michael’s work will be on display at Central Trak during Geomorph. Go check it out.