On the eve of Michael Westfried’s closing event I thought it would be a good opportunity to put some thoughts down about Mike and possibly get more people interested about his show.

Mike is an interesting guy, not in the inspirational-fluffy-Oprah way. Not at all. Not to lessen Mike but he’s just not that kind of a person. If you would have asked me a year or so ago about Mike I would have told you to forget about him. As far as I was concerned he should have dropped out of school between his habitual absence from class and his disheveled appearance, but somehow he always managed to pull through.  I later learned that his first two years of college were troubled by the looming suicide of his best friend, who is also the subject of the video that he will be showing.

It wasn’t until I actually talked to him this past summer that i realized how judgmental I had been and that Mike really has something going for him. His peculiar creation method (better described as a destruction method) produces some really unique art. The eerie images that come from the latex paint Mike has ripped and cut from the surface of other paintings intrigue me. Most things don’t creep me out, but some of his stuff does…

I’m also excited about seeing his video work that will be on display during the closing event. I’ve never seen any of it personally, but it sounds great. Dumping paint on a friend, people bleeding and who knows what else I’ll see.

It all starts at 6:00 PM tomorrow in the UTD Visual Arts building.