I’ve always found it interesting that in the art world there are actually two kinds of concept art. There is artistic concept art (or conceptual art) and there is production concept art.

Artistic concept art revolves around rethinking art and questioning the foundations that art is based upon. Pieces like Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain or Joseph Kosuth’s One and Three Chairs are fine examples of such work.

These works form inspire hundreds of thousands of artist to push the boundaries of art and are often highly important in the creation of artistic movements.

On the other side production concept art (which surprisingly has been around just as long) involves creating and brainstorming visual content for things such as animation, video games and even toys. The example I present is a level design concept from the video game Psychonauts.

Big deal you say, but on several occasions I have encountered confusion when talking to people about concept art due to the similarities these two arts have in common. For a while I had even considered being a concept artist but when I told someone this it could mean two entirely different things depending on their background. Really frustrating to tell you the truth.